Property Flip or Hold helps the Real Estate Investor to calculate and compare profits when Flipping -vs- Holding a property. Flip and take profit now, or Hold/Rent for passive income.


  • Real Estate Property Investors for personal use or others
  • Flip Property
  • Rent Property
  • Wholesale Investors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Agents for their investors


  • No Complex Calculations
  • No Long Drawn-out Analysis
  • Analyze Flip or Hold Scenarios from one screen

    Unlock the full potential of your real estate investments with Property Flip or Hold. Our user-friendly software helps investors easily calculate and compare profits for flipping or holding properties. Whether you’re looking for a quick flip or a steady passive income from renting, our software has got you covered. Perfect for personal use or for real estate agents and investors, Property Flip or Hold streamlines the analysis process with no complex calculations or long drawn-out analysis. Analyze flip or hold scenarios all from one screen. Get started today and take your real estate investing to the next level with Property Flip or Hold.

    Property Flip or Hold for Real Estate Investments

    Property Flip or Hold is a cloud-based software solution for real estate investors that automatically Cloud Syncs data between devices. Calculate your Maximum Purchase Price, Profit at closing when you purchase, Equity, Cash on Cash Return, Calculate scaling profit on your Flip up to 12 months. Calculate Hold and Rent Cashflow up to 30 years. Compare Flip or Hold to how many years it might take to match Profits.



      • Flip vs Rent Profit Timeline
      • Flip Only
      • Hold Only
      • Value Analysis
      • Calculates Maximum Purchase Price based on Profit needed, Soft Cost and Repairs
      • Flip Analysis detailing the first 12 months
      • Rent Analysis up to 30 years
      • Rent Analysis shows cumulative Cash Flow summary to compare with Flip’s Profit
      • BRRRR
      • Calculates Mortgage Payment
      • Cash on Cash Return
      • Print individual property Flip or Hold details
      • Save the report to PDF and share
      • Real Estate Investing
      • Cloud Sync between devices
      • View your Instant Flip Profit
      • Sliding Profit scale up to 12 months
      • Quickly see your expenses that effect your bottom line

      HOLD (Rent)

      • View your Monthly Cash Flow
      • Sliding Profit scale up to 30 years
      • Quickly see your accumulated Cash Flow over the years

      Vendor Information

      • Store your vendor’s information
      • Tag vendors by type
      • Contact information with notes and result

      Each section’s help shows calculation formulas and definition of each major evaluation.


      • Value Analysis
      • Maximum Purchase Price
      • Mo. Rent Cash Flow
      • Flip Property
      • Rent Property
      • Cash on Cash Return (Flip)
      • Cash on Cash Return (Hold-Rent)
      • Flip vs Rent Profit Timeline



      • Print individual property Flip or Hold details
      • Save to PDF
      • Take your PDF report and share it
      Property Flip or Hold Comparision Report

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