Quickly analyze properties in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Enter Flip Assumptions

Step 2: Enter Hold Assumptions

Live Results: View results on the same screen

Step 01.

Enter Flip Assumptions

Enter your ARV, Repairs, Taxes, Insurance, Holding Cost during Rehab/List, Projected Profit, Cost, any Wholesale Fee, and Loan Information. Maximum Purchase Price (best offer), Cash Needed at Closing, Cash Needed for Holding Cost, Your Equity Profit (at closing) are automatically calculated.

Step 02.

Enter Hold Assumptions

Gross Income, Vacancy Rate, Property Management, additional Expenses, and Loan Information.


Constantly see your results

  • Flip Profit
  • Hold/Rent/BRRRR Profits
  • Maximum Purchase Price
  • Flip -vs- Hold Profit Timeline
  • Return on Investment for Flip and Hold

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